Art Journaling Basics

Welcome to my art blog! In this post, I will be explaining the actual process of actually beginning your art journal! It’s important to check out my previous posts because they explain the preparation and background information about art journaling! The link to my last post is here.

There is no specific or strict way to art journal, however, it helps to have a rough guide to help inspire you!

Gather your supplies.

This includes your journal, or surface you choose to use. You will have great results if you use a mix/multiple art supplies, both wet and dry.

Have a prompt ready.

Though your art does not necessarily need a plan, it is important to have an overall topic, prompt, or question that your art conveys.

Layer your art!

The best art journal pieces are those that are the most experimental. Use different techniques and ways that incorporate and involve multiple supplies. Be sure to cover the entire paper(s) or surface you’re working on. However, be cautious about mixing too much, which will create a muddy mess.


Have fun!

Art journaling is meant to be enjoyable, not stressful. It should be therapeutic and not something meant to be too serious. Use art journaling to your advantage by trying new approaches and techniques. This will allow you to hopefully find greater inspiration!


Thanks for reading! Check out this post for more helpful tips!


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